fantastic fridays {june 15}

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On Fridays I recap some fantastic finds from around the world wide web.

Happy Weekend!

great FABRIC: birch fabrics are probably one of my newest loves. They make organic cotton that is just lovely. They have a bunch of new lines coming out this Fall that are just awesome (and finally something for the boys in my house!)

to whet your APPETITE: We eat a lot of mexican in our house and these mini tacos look great (might even satisfy the smallest of us here)

be NATURAL and NEAT (as in organized): One of my goals for when school starts back is to be a bit more creative with lunches for my 3 that leave this house everyday. I have a love-hate relationship with this lunch storage. I love the idea, hate the plastic boxes…wondering a way to take something like this and tweak it to fit our lunch stuff

a TUTORIAL to do: This reversible bucket hat by oliver + s is ADorable! If only I had time to get it done before we left for the beach (along with like a million other things!)

AWESOME embroidery: Sarah Jane debuted a new fabric collection with a sea theme and I knew she would come out with some awesome embroidery patterns. She did not disappoint. The mermaid would be awesome in the kid’s bathroom and my son would love the ship.

something to SEW: love this “good morning sunshine” pillowcase! Would be a great way to use of scraps and practice applique.

to TRIM my house with: One day our back porch is going to look like this. I might be 75 years old before it happens, but at least I’ll have a comfy place to sit!

INSPIRATIONAL: In an effort to be more intentional about special days, I just love this idea of having friends sign a tablecloth at parties and other special times and then embroidering them. How fun would that be at a rehearsal dinner or something fun when your kids are grown?

CUTE: This giant, magnetic scrabble board is too awesome!

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fantastic friday

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On Fridays I recap some fantastic finds from around the world wide web.

Happy Weekend!

great FABRIC: I came across this fun online fabric shop a while back and I’ve had so much fun gawking at all the awesomeness!

to whet your APPETITE: I made this simple mexican recipe for dinner last night and every time I make it I wonder why we don’t eat it more often…chips, meat and cheese with your own personal toppings. Who could want more?

be NATURAL and NEAT (as in organized): I love this shelf made from a quilt hoop! This blogger made it to show off Pez dispensers, but I’m wondering if I could make it work to show of all the tiny lego creations my son makes or all the tiny things my daughter tends to collect?

a TUTORIAL to do: if my daughter would actually wear shorts, I would make these ruffle shorts from fat quarters for her in a heartbeat!

AWESOME embroidery: this is a lovely embroidery pattern for pillowcases. So beautiful!

something to SEW: This little popover sundress for your American Girl doll is super awesome!

to TRIM my house with: It’s a house painting blitz weekend for my husband. Here is glimpse at a before picture of our house and here are our paint colors: the main part of the house will be smoky mountain, we are painting the brick, the porch & steps shaker beige and all the windows will be trimmed out with a 3-4″ wide frame that will be bone white (sort of an eggshell color). It’s a scary thing to buy a bunch of paint and actually start painting. We ended up hiring someone to help us pick out colors. At least if it ends up looking horrible, we can blame her (just kidding).

INSPIRATIONAL: love the idea of a warm fuzzies jar. Every time someone does something or says something loving and kind, they get to add a warm fuzzy to the jar.

CUTE: love these little fishing cupcakes!

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On Fridays I recap some fantastic finds from around the world wide web. Happy Weekend!

great FABRIC: My 8.5 year old son is often aggravated because I tend to sew more for his sister than him. I tell him that I would be happy to make a dress for him, but he doesn’t take the bait 😉 There just aren’t a whole lot of awesome fabrics out there for boys or patterns for that matter. That said, the new Camp Sur line by Jay-Cyn Designs is awesome. It is right up my son’s alley with camping and fishing and everything else he loves. Now I just need to find a pattern!

to whet your APPETITE: This week I made vanilla pudding. It was amazing and super simple. Go make some.

be NATURAL and NEAT (as in organized): This is an awesome printable that lists all sorts of cleaning tips using stuff you should already have in your home. No excuse for armpit stains now!

a TUTORIAL to do: I’m actually looking at a Friday morning and weekend with no open orders! This emerson tunic dress tutorial is top of my list. My sewing machine is dying to do something besides sew on velcro!

on AIMEE’s to do list (that’s me by the way): My goal this next week is to get my Martha of the Month post up before the last day of the month this month! It’s gonna happen and you aren’t going to want to miss this month. A super easy and cute gift to make.

something to SEW: I’m horrible when it comes to making ruffles. This little post on how to make a ruffle 7 different ways looks super helpful.

to TRIM my house with: We’ve been without house numbers for a while now, which I’m sure is probably breaking some kind of law or something. I just didn’t want to buy anything standard out of the box from a hardware store, I wanted something special. I’ve had my eyes on a set of house numbers made by burning fork studio every since I met Lahla and with our anniversary looming in the next couple of weeks, I think I might just break down and finally order some.

INSPIRATIONAL: I’m sitting at the edge of my little daisyeyes handmade actually growing into something. The time and space seems to be continuing in the next year and I realized that if I’m going to keep going I need to get some education on some things. Renee Pearson offers all sorts of online classes about a million different things and has awesome reviews. From lessons on adobe illustrator to simple iphone photography, truly inspirational.

CUTE: This is a shameless plug for my new fairy crown and wand sets. I sent a mock-up set to my college roommate for her daughter and she took some awesome and totally cute pictures of her sweet little chick using the sets in action. I couldn’t help but share.

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I have totally given up on taking food photographs. I just can’t do it and honestly there is no way I could take a pretty picture of a bowl of vanilla pudding. Therefore you will have to use your imagination. Pretend you are visiting the Pioneer Woman’s blog and looking at a photograph of a vanilla pudding she made. I’m sure there is a vanilla bean sticking out of it or something. Anyway, in our effort to reduce the amount of packaged food in our house I don’t buy boxed pudding. Today I realized I never will again.

The recipe I used comes from Martha (so better yet, picture a picture of her vanilla pudding!) Stewart’s Everyday Food magazine. Which the title totally cracks me up because half of the recipes in there are totally not “everyday” food in our house, but that’s a rabbit trail we won’t go down. I’m on a pretty low track record with these recipes being good ones, but this one is a winner.

Vanilla Pudding
1/2 cup granulated sugar (I used organic cane sugar)
3 T corn starch (the search is still on for an organic, non-gmo corn starch)
1/8 t sea salt
1 1/2 cup whole milk
1/2 cup heavy cream (this isn’t a low fat recipe for sure!)
2 large egg yolks
2 T unsalted butter (I melted it)
1 t vanilla extract

**to note, her recipe calls for using a fine mesh sieve for various parts of this recipe. I don’t own one (I don’t think) and I honestly don’t really know what that is (so I may very well own one and not even know it). I didn’t do this and mine worked out just fine**

In a medium saucepan, combine sugar, cornstarch and salt. In a medium bowl, whisk together milk, cream, yolks then add to saucepan.
Cook of medium-high until mixture thickens and bubbles, whisking constantly, about 5-8 minutes. Reduce heat to low and cook, still whisking, for another minute.
Remove pan from heat and stir in butter and vanilla until combined.
Press a plastic wrap directly against surface of pudding to prevent a skin from forming and put in the fridge for 3 hours (or up to 3 days…as if it would last!).
Before serving, whisk until smooth and share (if you can!)

Go, hurry fast and make this! Less than 15 minutes in the kitchen and you have a super awesome easy dessert.

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fantastic friday {04.27.2012}

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On Fridays I recap some fantastic finds from around the world wide web.

Happy Weekend!

great FABRIC: I’m loving this new line from Skinny LaMinx called Flower Dreams. It might end up being a great accent to the living room fabric if I end up not having enough to redo some chairs. It’s a simple print with great colors and kind of brings out a little of the Scandinavian love in me.

to whet your APPETITE: I’m all for anything with chocolate and oatmeal and these no-bake chocolate bars look awesome and super easy.

be NATURAL and NEAT (as in organized): I’ve not convinced myself that I want to enter into the world of craft booths, but if I did these booths are awesome and very neat.

a TUTORIAL to do: This little shirred skirt with pockets is adorable.

on AIMEE’s to do list (that’s me by the way): I’m working on redoing my line of chickadees in the hopes of getting some new pictures and listings in the shop in May (and adding a boy to the mix)

something to SEW: If you’ve never visited the Moda Bake Shop blog, you need to. They have a whole host of awesome things to make and this little banner skirt is super cute. I would love a grown up version for myself!

to TRIM my house with: My daughter would be all over this little fairy garden and it would be super cute by the front or back door.

INSPIRATIONAL: I’ve never been much of a doodler, but I love this example of a doodled journal with a sentence a day. Would be such a great habit to get into and probably help my creativity a lot!

CUTE: This set of alphabet peg dolls is adorable! It would be a super birthday gift!

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