five minute friday: GROWING

Today the word is growing.

Last night as the thunder rumbled and the lightning flashed, I laid in bed and went back to sleep.

I grew.

I realized this morning that I had grown one more inch out of my fear. One more step into the light and out of the darkness of worrying. The storm was mild compared to most that drive through here, but it was enough that a few months ago I would have been driven out of my warm bed to sit staring at a computer screen to see when the storm would pass.

Last night I slept.

This is growing…when we move from one place to another. Some plants grow and you can see their growth immediately. Other plants grow steadily and small.

My fear is diminishing. Not at the rate I would want, but it is growing smaller. And I am grateful. Grateful to the One that is taking this fear and worrying and anticipation and anxiety and replacing it with Him.

Nothing more than Him. But oh, what a fertilizer He is.


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