fmf {remember}

Five Minute Friday

Joining with many others in a practice I’ve sort of given up on. Today I write again for five minutes on a word prompted by the gypsy mama. Writing with grace, freedom and no edits.


Funny that the day that I decided to join in on FMF the word is remember. I’ve been reading Hinds Feet on High Places and it seems that is the theme of the book.


When the path seems to take you away from where you were headed…
When the way is unseen and shrouded in mist…
When it’s too much; the voices of the enemy whispering, the constant giving and going…
When the way is filled with sunshine and flowers and amazing beauty…

Remember where you have come from, what you have come through and who leads you by it.
Engage with life and cement that in your head.
Stop and be with those around you and be in.that.moment.
Forget the camera, forget the status updates, forget the potential blog post and just be there.
For the pictures are great, sharing with friends is so much fun and “giving” a taste to the world can be such a blessing too…but it’s that moment; the right here and the right now that really can stick in your mind. When you engage with the here and now, you don’t have to depend on the photo or the blog to help you remember. Because it’s there, because you were there.


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fmf: trust







On Fridays I join with others around the globe, writing for five minutes on a word given to us by the gypsy mama. We write without editing, without worry, without concern about who might read this or what they might think.

This weeks word is TRUST


Trust. Wow. This was the week that Beth Moore said the words “declare war” in my Bible study and I knew what I needed in my life to “declare war” on. My issues of fear (which equals lack of trust). The Lord has done great and amazing things in my life when it comes to fear and trusting Him, but this is the year that I am no longer going to be ruled by this. I am declaring war on this and daily giving it up to Him. Not in a small way. Not in a way that is a quick prayer (Lord protect me) and not in a way that I only pray for Him to release this hold on me when it’s hold is on me.

But I’m giving it up daily to Him. Daily whether it’s a “struggle” that day or not. Because the truth of the matter is, while I may not be shivering in my boots with fear and my heart may not be rapidly beating because the winds are howling, it is still there. That hold on me is there whether I am shaking or not. And this is the year that I am going to trust.

Trust that He is going to do something amazing, marvelous and do the great work that He has promised.

He can do this. I trust Him fully. What a glorious Lord we serve.


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fmf: vivid

On Fridays I write with others with freedom. We write without editing, the first thing that comes to our minds and hearts on a word given to us by the gypsy mama. Join us!

Today’s word is: vivid


I love a good sunrise. I love to see the snow capped peaks as we drive into town. I love to see the sky explode at night with pinks and purples as we drive to see my parents some nights. As vivid as the touch of God is in all of these…well more than touch, more like giant hands…nothing is more vivid to me than words.

Reading in James this morning.
Being reminded that if we lack wisdom we are to ask. But, we are to ask without doubting.
That is the word that is jumping off the page at me.
That is the word that is vivid to me. Exploding in my heart. Revealing, not beautiful shades of color, but places where I do ask, but not with confidence.
Freedom is not doubting.
It is asking and knowing and trusting that He is listening, answering and doing.
He is moving.
And He is moving vividly in my life.
I just have to believe it.


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five minute friday: unexpected

On Fridays I join others in the cyber-world writing freely for five minutes on a word.
Writing without worry and editing. But writing freely the words that overflow from a heart that is free to just be who I am.
Join me?

Today’s word is unexpected.




Funny that on the day that I would see the word “unexpected” that I would read a passage from Acts that pretty much sums up that word. A lame man has just been healed and all the people are standing around in wonder and amazement. The disciples look at these people and pretty much say “what did you expect, this is what the Lord can do.”

It made me think, this is how I live my day to day. More with this amazement that the Lord would do anything that I ask or even beyond that. While there is a place for gratitude in that, why am I always so shocked when He provides? When we are sitting on our last penny and my husband gets paid four days early? When I am down to my last $15 and the bill is $14.99. (obviously I’ve got issues with trusting God and money!). He declares that he will provide anything that we ask for.

I know that I can ask for the moon and in His way, He will provide it. He can provide it. Maybe it’s in the way the moon shines into my bedroom at night or into our tent on a cool, Spring night. Maybe it’s in the way that I see the moon rise outside my den window. He provides abundantly for us…why are we always so shocked?

He gave His son for us. He gave up the ultimate and yet we still look at it in this wild, amazement. Like a striped cow or something. God loves us and I’m so thankful.


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five minute friday: beyond

On Fridays I write for five minutes on a word.
Writing bold, unedited, with no over-thinking…just writing.
Join me?

The word today is “beyond”




Beyond is a hard word for me. Mostly because when I think of the word “beyond,” I think about the future. I wish I could know the future. I worry about the future. I am constantly trying to fix the future. I spend so much time in the beyond that I miss the right now.

But beyond can also mean, praying beyond myself. Moving beyond myself. It can be that place where the Lord is set to move me. My problem is I want to know where that is. I want to know the beyond. And most of the time, the Lord (and I picture Him doing this with a sweet, gentle smiling chuckle) says “no. that is for me to know and you to rest in.”

Beyond. It’s a tricky word. It’s a tricky place. It’s only when I can rest in the right now, forgetting about the beyond that I can appreciate it when it comes. I get frustrated when my beyond is unknown. But the truth is, it isn’t. It might be unknown to me, but it’s never been unknown to Him. He knows what stupid decisions I might make, He knows what honest choices I might make and He has it all covered. Why do I worry so much about the beyond? He’s got it all under control.

And honestly, wouldn’t you rather have it under His control than mine? Seriously.


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