The Day After

It is February 15, the day after Valentine’s day, and despite my bah humbug attitude, we had a really good day. The kid’s got a great treat bag from the grandparents (got to love that!) and my dear sweet hubbie went out and got me this. I have wanted this book for ages and ages and was so sad when I didn’t get it for Christmas. I finally got to put my hands on it a few months ago, but couldn’t buy it (the joys of one income!). Needless to say, it was one of the best gifts he could have given me!

We had chocolate chip banana pancakes for dinner and just had a fun evening relaxing and doing nothing out of the ordinary. Yippee for that!

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Happy Valentine’s Day


Being a crafty sort of person, you would think that I would really like Valentine’s Day. It sort of lends itself as being a crafty holiday. But I sort of view the holiday with a bit of a bah humbug attitude. I love my husband, but this day puts so much pressure on him (and all men) and he usually ends up trying too hard. I would so much rather have a small token of love on a regular average day, than some big gift on a day when you are supposed to give a gift.

All that said, I am sorely lacking in my desire to do anything for Valentine’s Day myself. I just couldn’t seem to get myself motivated to make crafts for my kid’s or with my kid’s. I just thought, little man has a party at school to celebrate and little chick is too young to know the difference…so why bother?

So yesterday, feeling guilty and pressured by societal norms, we trekked to the bookstore and I purchased a funny calendar for my sweetie and a sweet book for each of my kids and hopefully we’ll have time to make some heart shaped cookies this afternoon. So even though I tried hard to forgo the holiday, I just couldn’t do it.

Happy Love Day!

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The Latest Burp Cloth


I am starting a stash of these with hopes of selling them, either by word of mouth or by opening an Etsy shop. I’m not sure yet.



Here is the latest; I call her Melon Girl. She turned out really great and I had a lot of fun sewing her.

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It Came!!!! Whoopee!


I had a little money that I earned from selling some of the kid’s clothes on ebay so I put it toward my first order of some fabric that I’ve been drooling over for months online.

All of this came from SuperBuzzy and I LOVE IT! I can’t wait to make something from it, but I’m almost just so scared to even cut it!

I am hoping to make a cute little A-line shirt out of this adorable Little Red Riding Hood fabric:


This one is called Farm Fun and will be a romper: (sorry it’s kind of blurry)


This one is going to be a sweet dress and is Snow White: (it is my favorite of all!)


I also ordered a yard of this really cute trim that I hope to use on some burp cloths for upcoming babies. (not my babies mind you…friend’s babies!)

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Season of Lent

Easter Tomb

Every year since our little man was young we have made an Easter Tomb. I learned this little tradition from a family in our old church in NC. I always try to do it around Ash Wednesday so that the grass seed has plenty of time to sprout and obviously because it is the beginning of Lent.

We finished our tomb today and it is always so interesting that questions that are brought up. Today we had a conversation about why there were 3 crosses and why they chose that type of punishment for robbers.

All you need to make it is a large round pot for the base, a smaller pot for the tomb, a large rock, some dirt and grass seed. You can add flowers if you want too. Fill the large pot with dirt, place the smaller pot on it’s side and cover the opening with a large rock. Sprinkle grass seed around and use sticks to make the 3 crosses. I wake up early on Easter Sunday and remove the rock and lay a piece of white cloth inside to signify that “He has risen!”

On another note, I have really started to love the Easter season so much; more so than Christmas. It just lends itself as being such a reflective season and I love that. It is the one season that just moves my heart so much. We have changed our Easter traditions a little bit in the last few years and don’t do Easter baskets anymore. Last year, I gave little man some carefully chosen books for Easter and that will be our tradition from now on. I can deal with Santa, but something about the Easter bunny really rubs me the wrong way!

*UPDATE…Please share your tomb pictures if you end up making one this season!

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