introducing summer 2012

I gave a little hint at some of our summer plans earlier this week and also shared my summer 2012 pinterest board.
This morning I decided to get all blog official and made a little button 🙂
Introducing my summer 2012 series:


In an effort to give myself a little accountability with posting and being on the computer, I’ve made a little plan. Here are some of the things you can look forward to in the coming weeks:

Once a week I will post a general glimpse at some fun things we have been doing. Think rainy/hot day-inside fun ideas, summer schoolish things, art school, outside fun and even some planning for our beach road trip.

The weekends will be devoted to sharing some before-after projects I hope to do. The first up is redoing the kid’s closet using Ikea’s expedit shelves. The other project I hope to do is prepping and wallpapering our stair treads. The biggest project will be the painting and redoing of the exterior of our house. This will be the biggest before and after!

Thursday Threads will continue, but in addition to posting some embroidery, I hope to share some of the sewing projects I have on my list to do while my shop is on vacation. I’ve got a line of patterns to try out, some ottomans to cover, chair cushions to cover and a host of tutorials. Not to mention some mock-ups for new things coming to etsy in July.

And of course I’ll continue Fantastic Fridays. Hopefully there will be a June and July Martha of the Month thrown in there too!

Whew! It’s day one of our summer break…off we go!

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summer 2012 {the plan}

My son has one more day of school left and I’ve got one more week of working the shop before summer vacation begins around here. I’ve got great plans, but the top plan is to be flexible yet organized! We are changing up a few things in the running of our household and also planning on doing a little bit of light summer schooling around here too. This is the planning week and hopefully over the coarse of the next 7 weeks of our summer I will be able to share with you some of the fun things we did!

First up in the area of summer schooling:


My hope is to lightly do an artist of the week, using this book as our guide. In our weekly library trips I hope to grab a handful of books on that artist to have in our house while we are studying.
Both my kids have completely outgrown those lovely 2 hours naps, but we are instigating a mandatory 30 minute reading time and a 30 minute play in your room quiet time. The rooster is working towards a backpack and a backpacking trip with his father at the end of the summer (more on his reading challenge in another post) so he has a stack of 12 books he has to work through.
The chick is entering Kindergarten, so we will continue working through all the Kindergarten sight words and also continue working through Explode the Code (my most favorite phonics books of all times!). I’m still not 100% sure what the Rooster is going to focus on. More than likely we will do some hard work on memorizing multiplication facts and some other grammar/writing maintenance things. We will also take at least weekly library trips (spending one of our one hour quiet times at the library) and also enjoying all the special summer stuff the library will be hosting.

Second up in the area of home maintenance:


We are changing up our chore & responsibility chart. I’ll go more into this in another post when it’s all complete. I pretty much used much of the ideas from this example and created one to fit with our family. The essential idea is that there are things we do as a family that are responsibilities and there are things we can do that are extra (aka contributions) that we can earn money for (we are using the word “commission” versus allowance). We will have a weekly payday on Sunday and the kid’s will be responsible for keeping a daily time sheet.

The other big change are the technology cards. My kids get about an hour of “free” tv time during the day. Typically Wild Kratts & the Electric Company in the afternoon while I’m cooking dinner. These cards are for those times when they are “bored” and are looking for something to do. They will each get a card every Sunday and each punch is worth 45 minutes. They won’t get a new card until the following Sunday, so if they use it up before then, they are basically unplugged until they get another one. These cards cover using the iPad, using the computer, watching a show on tv/netflix or playing the Wii.

Those are the two biggest areas of structure in our summer. Honestly, the reason I’m putting the shop on vacation is so that I can have fun with them this summer. We have a pool and a park across the street, a fabulous library within 5 minutes and the mountains within 30. I want to be with them this summer in a way I just haven’t let myself before. Enter the Pinterest summer board.

I’ve created a board on Pinterest with links to all sorts of things that have peaked my interest for this summer and another board for all those things we actually do.

If you haven’t subscribed to daisyeyes yet, this might just be the best time! I hope to show as many pictures and ideas as possible of our summer. Sort of a journal of summer 2012.

I hope you follow along!

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playing with scraps

You know the whole parenting frustration where you spend all this money on great toys and the kids just play with the box? I think there was a post a while back floating around the net that gave the top 10 toys for kids and it was like a cardboard box, pieces of wood, a rope etc. Simple things.

Our house is in a constant state of remodeling. My husband has stuff lying all around the house for all sorts of projects. I admit that most of the time it drives me nuts and I want to chuck it all, yesterday was one of those days I was glad for it.

Introducing the world’s most famous toys: the tube and the stair tread remnant

a board & a tube

We have a million of these cardboard tubes lying around 1. because my husband works for an engineering firm and he brings all of them home from work and 2. he is planning on entering a cardboard boat race and is in it to win it this year. The stair tread remnant is from the finally accomplished stairs into our basement (We are like 2 steps from being done with remodeling our basement…yippee!!).

The kids and I were outside yesterday and I realized these would make amazing balance boards. I wondered if the tubes were strong enough to withstand the weight of the kids and even me and they were! We had a blast playing around with our balance and found out that it works much better on the grass versus the driveway (I nearly had a major bust when the tube started rolling under me…can anyone say “lumberjack racing”?)

a board & a tube

Then my son, being the boy he is, decided to make it into a catapult and starting launching things off of it.

a board & a tube

So, when you start to get board this summer (no pun intended) just take a look at all the junk lying around your garage or carport and you never know what you might find!

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martha of the month {april}


Whew, this one came down to the wire. April has hit me like a tornado and spun out just about as quick. It’s crazy to think that May is tomorrow. Thankfully, I’ve had my May Martha planned for a few weeks. Just have to get it done!

This month’s project is a big project that I”m starting this month and will hopefully finish up with the June project. I wanted to make school memory books for my children. I didn’t want to buy one of those premade little kits or even just a premade book. I wanted something simple, but would hold enough of their memories from school all in one place.

Martha: April edition

The idea for these pages comes from Martha’s Encyclopedia of Craft. The directions for this project were a little difficult when it came to procuring supplies. Instead of buying primary writing paper or graph paper, I opted to just print some off the internet. Thank you google. I couldn’t find any scrapbook pages that would fit into an 8.5×11 binder, so I ended up buying pieces of tagboard that I cut down to size.


Her page suggestions:

martha: April

You also need some ink and stamps (if you want to go that route).


My finished pages:

martha: april


I ended up folding the paper as suggested to make one pocket for memories and used the sewing machine to attach the paper to the tagboard. I stamped the grade and years in the right corner, but after trying to stuff a few examples of work in them, realized it would have made more sense to stamp it in the bottom right corner instead. You live and learn!


martha: april

Their class photo is on the backside with some cute scrapbook paper on it. (Just opting not to share their class photo with the world for privacy sake).

June’s project will be a continuation of this. I am hoping to take a one inch binder and make a felt cover for it to put all the school pages in.


The other fun thing we are starting this year is something I totally stole from Pinterest. I saw this great idea where you buy Dr. Suess’ book, Oh the Places You Go, and every year have each teacher secretly write a special note for them. This becomes a gift for them when they graduate from high school.

martha: April

I printed out a fun picture for both of them from their first year in school (Rooster in kindergarten and Chick in Preschool) and then typed out a special verse for them (a section of Deuteronomy 8). After a little bit of digging in the scrapbook paper drawer I “framed” the pictures and stuck them down with a little contact paper.

martha: April

If your kids aren’t just starting out this year, I wouldn’t fret! My rooster is finishing up second grade this year and I’m excited to start this tradition even late! I’m having the Rooster’s first grade teacher sign for last year, but I’m not going to worry about tracking down his kindergarten teacher (we were at a different school).

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mother’s charms


Just in time to start thinking about Mother’s Day, I finished these little charms.

Choose from three different options (and know that I’m always ready and waiting for any kind of custom request!)


There are two felt applique options: a little birdie and a stack of circles with a heart.



The third option is a hand embroidered hand print

You choose whether you would prefer full names, initials or for those blessed with many children, maybe just the first initial of each of their names?



Each charm comes packaged in it’s own little tin!

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