One Thimble: A Little Mermaid Doll

I’m so excited to finally be able to reveal this pattern! It is coming out in 12 days in the awesome One Thimble magazine. But today I can share a little about the pattern so that you can be ready to get your hands on your own pattern as soon as it comes out!

This is a great little project to take along with you – and the perfect little gift for a sweet little one to stick in her pocket!

She comes with a complete pattern for the embroidery and stitching up the little doll and her shell bed. Perfect for all levels of embroidery and hand sewing!

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a pocketful of thankfuls

This past Christmas I went to hear Ann Voskamp, Ellie Holcomb and Amena Brown during their Gift of Christmas tour. Amena Brown recited one of her poems and I was struck by the line “a pocketful of thankfuls.” So much so that I didn’t even hear the rest of what happened after that moment. I immediately went digging around for a pen and paper and starting sketched this image that just came into my head. I’ve been sitting with it since then and yesterday had the joy to actually bring that sketch to life.


I grabbed a 9 inch wooden hoop and all along I wanted to create the look of a snippet of a shirt or coat with a pocket. Then out of that pocket came little hearts floating out. These hearts are a few that I needle felted myself and mixed with some wool felt.

In my mind, it was the idea of sticking your hand in your pocket and instead of finding chapstick or pocket fuzz or any other ordinary things you might find in a pocket, you would pull out a heart. And instead of seeing that chapstick, you would see a point of gratitude for all the little things you carry around.

Because we all have them. We all have little ordinary things that we can turn into pocket’s full of thankfuls.

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what’s been in my hoop lately

Here’s a little photo diary of what’s been in my hoop lately…

mini hoop brooches

Mini hoops

Coldplay “yellow” lyrics

Coldplay Yellow "button stars" hoop

Version 1 of Oceans lyrics by Hillsong United

Oceans Hillsong United Version 1

Philippians 4:8

Philippians 4;8 hand embroidered -framed available in the shop soon

the second version of Hillsong United’s Oceans lyrics…still a WIP

Oceans Hillsong Version2 WIP

and I’ve also put together a small felt hair clip collection

Felt hair clips collection 2014

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little embroidery update

Here’s some pictures of some projects my hands have been busy stitching up over the last few months. Most of these are available in the shop, locally at The Village Tinker or can be custom ordered.

I just finished up a family hoop embroidery. These are probably my most favorite thing to stitch! It’s the closest thing to painting I’ll ever get to!


I designed a hoop with a few lines from a Coldplay song that I love. The original design was all in black, then I had a request for a custom embroidery in grey and yellow to match a nursery. Now I can’t decide which one I love more!

Coldplay stars quote. Custom grey and yellow

Coldplay: stars shine


I love using button’s as stars and after I designed the Coldplay hoop, I found this quote which I stitched up and set in this awesome vintage metal hoop I had in my stash.



Speaking of vintage metal hoops. I scored a few of them at the flea market last fall and I also fell in love with this vintage yellow pillowcase. I just knew that at some point I would have to figure out something to stitch on it and to use these hoops for. I knew it would have to be “sun” related too, so I came up with these little hoops.

good morning sunshine

you are my sunshine


One of my embroidery goals for the first part of this year was to design a bunch of coffee themed hoops for your kitchen, office or wherever. Here’s a glimpse of the series I did.

coffee hoop

Coffee embroidery. Psalm

Home is where the coffee is embroidered typography


I also did a series of boy’s bathroom art that were so fun to stitch! These are currently for sale at The Village Tinker, but you can order them custom through the shop!

Boys bath art Dino pirate Viking


I stitched up a custom wedding announcement based on my subway style birth announcement.

Custom wedding announcement


And last but not least, I entered into my sewing buddie’s February challenge by designing an artist trading card. One of my next embroidery goals this spring is to design a bunch of bookmarks for the shop. I sort of used this as a jumping point for what I hope these bookmarks might be like (only bigger!)

Sewing buddy project: artist trading card

It was a blast to sew! It’s always so refreshing to just sit and “free embroider” as I will. Not going over a traced out pattern, just sewing as the whim takes me.

Whew! That’s just a little glimpse at what my hands have been into the past few months. I’ve got a stack of embroidery orders on the table as I type and the shop is on vacation for a week or so to give me time to catch up AND celebrate spring break with my kiddos.

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