throwback thursday {31 days}

It’s October and that means it’s time for the blog-worlds big hosting of 31 days of…
I’ve participated on and off through the years and both times it’s been a craft related adventure.


he first year time was back in 2011 where I attempted to do a project of some sort everyday. I’m telling you it was crazy stressful and I won’t be repeating that again. You can find all my attempts at projects here.

The second year was in 2012 when I decided to challenge myself to a different embroidery stitch every day. It’s probably been one of my most popular pins on pinterest and I learned a lot!


This year I am back joining in with the 31 dayers, but I’m not crafting with materials, but rather with words. I’ve reopened my journal/writing blog and I’m challenging myself to write everyday. Those writing muscles that used to be so loose and free are super tensed up and I’m ready to let loose.

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31 days of embroidery {bullion knot}

Honestly, this stitch just frustrated me. I’ve long wanted to try a bullion knot and so I left it as the last stitch because it was one of the ones I was most looking forward to learning. Ugg…I tried a couple of times and just kept getting stuck in knots (hardy har har!)

This is an awesome stitch that makes the coolest flowers like these:
bullion  knot roses

And alas, I just couldn’t figure it out. I’ll just have to keep trying.


Here is the general gist of how it goes.

First you make a stitch coming up and then bring your needle back down a little off to the side. Don’t pull your thread all the way through; you want to leave a bit of a loop on the top.

Then you are going to bring your needle back up through where you made your first stitch and

then wind that loop of thread about 5 times around your needle.

Here’s where I lost it. Somehow you are supposed to pull the needle on up and through without making a mess of things. Then once your needle is through you use your needle to push those loops down the thread making a little knot line.

Working from left to right, the first time I did ok. The second time I made my stitches closer together and did a little better. The third time…well let’s just say I gave up.

I searched a little and found this video and maybe there is a little hope I might get the hang of these one day!

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31 days of embroidery {couched circles}

This is yet another stitch that looks really awesome when it is done, but is pretty simple to execute. I really think it’s the first few stitches that make this kind of complicated, but once you get going it’s easy peasy. This would be so awesome on a purse or a bag. I also think it would be cool on an embroidered tee or even a dress or skirt of some sort.

Here is a great example of couched circles on a pincusion by barefootshepherdess

Circles & Dots Pincushion



And here is how it goes!

couched circle1
Just like regular couching, you will need two different threads. I have used a pearl floss as the one I am stitching (or couching) down with regular embroidery floss (3 strands). Go ahead and stitch down the end of your pearl floss (or yarn) and start to bend your thread into a circle.

couched circle 2
Keep winding your thread around and stitching down every so often. The trick is to stitch from the outside into the middle. This helps you wind your thread in. Your stitches will be pretty close together in the center, but as you circle out they will become a little further apart.

couched circle 3
Just keep winding until you get to the width of a circle that you desire.

couched circle complete
And there you go! A perfectly couched circle!

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31 days of embroidery {couching}

Couching is one of those stitches that seems really difficult, but it’s really not. You can change the look of this stitch merely by what you use to couch.

The first time I learned how to do this was with a stitch along where I did a family name plaque.

family plaque (stitchalong 1-12)

I used a variegated yarn and some green floss to stitch down our family name. It was super easy and so much fun to do!

I tried it a second time with the bumpy yarn and really loved how it turned out.

be love couched embroidery



Like I said, it’s super easy to do and here is a little video showing you how!

If you prefer pictures, here is a link to some great photo directions.

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31 days of embroidery {lazy daisy}

The lazy daisy is an awesome little stitch that you can use on so many different things. If you can do a chain stitch, then you have pretty much learned how to do this little flower.

This tshirt is one of the first times I ever used a lazy daisy and don’t you know I got pretty good at it by the time I was done!

Feb Stitch Along: Finished!


I also used it on this mexican tea towel

mexican boy towel



So here’s how to do it!

lazy daisy 1
First you need to bring your needle up then put it back in where you just came up and then through as long as you want your petal to be. Then wrap your thread under your needle to make a loop.


lazy daisy 3
Pull the thread through and then seal the stitch off by making a tiny stitch at the end of the loop. Repeat the process all the way around as many petals as you want!


lazy daisy complete


Here’s a video link to follow if you do better with video instructions!

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