sewing: A little update

This blog has been so lacking and honestly it’s been an issue of time and an issue of just not knowing what to do with it. Here’s a little update just for the four of you that read it 🙂

Jenny Henry Designs Needlepoint Kit
Jenny Henry Designs Needlepoint Kit

I was working on an article about needlepoint and one of the artist I interviewed offered to send me a little kit. Always one to jump at the chance to try something new, I took it. I can’t say I’m totally won over into the world of needlepoint, but I did enjoy the little project.

I also finished up a custom birth announcement. I’ve got another one in my hoop and both of these were from repeat customers. It’s always a humbling thing to have someone come back and ask for another custom item.

Pink Birth Announcement w/bunny

The highlight of this one was the little pink bunny.

Pink Birth Announcement w/bunny

I’m participating in a Beatrix Potter swap and my partner’s favorite character was Benjamin Bunny. I stitched up a little bookmark for her.

Beatrix Potter Swap 2019

I’ve got a few other things in the works, but those are worthy of their own posts.

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