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I’m back in the world of online life again and while it’s been good to catch up with my virtual friends, it’s crazy how easy it is to just jump back into wasting time online.

Summer is nearly upon us and this summer I’m not coming up with any charts or graphs or check off papers or anything like that. I’m working on keeping my tween-ager as busy as I can and on being as engaged as I can possibly handle with my little chick. I do have a few goals for them and things I’m hoping to keep them accountable for, but that’s about it. In a nutshell, I want them to own this summer and their use of time.

Facebook is all about “what do you all do about tech rules?” and it’s been interesting to read all the discussion. We’ve tried all sorts of things and honestly this summer I’m leaning towards taking the time limits off. It’s that “the more you say I can’t have it, the more I want it” idea. I am holding them to a daily Bible reading challenge and that and breakfast will come before any screens. I’m going to hold really tightly to the rule of no screens upstairs though. We will have a quiet hour in the afternoon (for all our sanity) and we will have some sort of book reading challenge. And that’s about it.

I read and listened to a bunch of stuff over the last few weeks. Here’s a few of my favorites.

~ I love, love Ellie Holcomb so much and the more I listen to her music and her talking about her music the more I totally love her. There’s a great podcast with her that World Magazine did that I highly encourage you to listen too. My favorite is how she describes how she said she would never to this or never do that and almost every never happened. Seriously – that’s my world.

~ I just finished re-reading To Kill a Mockingbird. Like most people I read it in high school, but I hadn’t read it since then. It was so crazy to read it as a parent and even more so a parent of a daughter and a son. The relationship that Jem and Scout has is one that I so wish my children had with each other and the patience with which Addison parented them is something that I can only long to aspire towards.

~ This is a beyond awesome post by my friend Caryn about Mother’s Day. Like her little girl, I too grew up loving the Little Bear books and this tribute to motherhood is just awesome.

~ Right now I’m reading The Warmth of Other Suns (recommended in that podcast I referenced above) and it’s been the biggest eye opener for me. It’s the story of the great migration of African American’s out of the South and into other parts of the US. So far it’s just lovely.

~ My husband and I recently finished watching the first season of Turn on netflix. Seriously good and seriously made me feel stupid in my understanding of the Revolutionary War.

~ Do you know about pocket? It’s the great little online organizing tool that I first read about on While She Naps. You can use it on all your devices and I use it as a storage place for recipes, articles or other things I see online that I need to take care of asap. Either recipes to add to Pinterest, business ideas that I need to write down or articles that I really want to read and focus on (more than just perusing them in my feedly reader). Check it out!

I leave you with a video of one of my favorite Ellie Holcomb songs –

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