five minute friday {long}

I’m reading a book about Ecclesiastes for my women’s bible study this Fall. I feel like the book of Ecclesiastes is about persisting in this life. It’s about seasons and about being fully in that season, despite how long it might be. It’s about not looking for a way out or ignoring what’s in front of us, but existing in this place that we are in. We are not in Eden and we shouldn’t expect it right now, but we can’t and shouldn’t live without the hope of it. We will return to Eden again and all those ways and responsibilities we should have had before the Fall will be ours.

We are in a long season right now. It is deep and hard and I feel like we’ve been in it for way more time that I ever could have wanted to be. And I feel like we just keep getting deeper and deeper into it. My biggest struggle is maintaining hope and joy. Living each day looking for the ways that God is in this with us…for He is in every piece of my day. I can ignore the moments ahead, I can wish them away or I can enter into this day and enter into it with Him. That is where the hope is. That is where I can take the grimace of hardness out of me and grow a softness that persists no matter how long the season.

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