five minute friday {new}

So this Fall we walked into the deepest and hardest struggle our marriage has ever faced. While I feel like we are on the other side of the struggle, sort of on the downhill as we work through the repercussions of it, it’s still a struggle.
When I get into the midst of a struggle or a hard time, I long for new.
But not in a good way…in an escape sort of way. That if I can find a new, different situation then the whole problem will go away. There is something about being somewhere else;
be that a different way of making money
moving to a different house
finding a different way to educate our children
changing doctors
whatever. I have this total misconception that new = better.

But I have to tell you that in the midst of this struggle that we are walking through, God has answered prayers that I have been praying for years upon years upon years.
He is making things new. But it’s His kind of new. And His kind of new doesn’t always (well let’s be honest…hardly ever does) look like our kind of new. And the way of getting there isn’t the way we would get there.

I guess it is like a potter. Making a pot is a messy, messy business. Clay is all over you and all over your workspace. Then paint and glaze. And finally after all that mess you have this amazing vessel. That’s what I want to come out of this fire looking like…
and amazing, beautiful vessel.
And I know that God is faithful and that’s His plan too.
He is making all of us new…in His way.

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