with gratitude and blessings



If you buy something from my etsy shop or locally at a market, you will more than likely receive a bag or some sort of packaging with this stamp that declares “with gratitude and blessings.” I often find myself signing my etsy conversation emails and really almost all my emails with the closing “blessings, aimee”. But often times I wonder if people just hear it as a regular platitude or something?

I was reading in Paul Miller’s book A Loving Life about the word “blessing”. In our Western Culture, it has become such a trite word. It more often is an empty word that we say out of rote, like “hello” or “fine”. In the world of Ruth (which is what his book centers on), it was a heavy word, a word loaded with power and thought. It meant that you were calling on God to act with the full force of His nature…and many times to work through the hands of the person invoking that prayer. It was in essence a prayer full of faith.

And when I stamp these bags or envelopes or whatever, I am full of praise and gratitude and blessing. It is because of others that this opportunity I have, to create and make via the work of my hands, is nothing less than me longing for the Lord to fully bless those that I am making for.

That He would use my hands to bless others.
And for that I am forever grateful.

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