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I recently finished reading the book Daring Greatly by Brene Brown. It pretty much knocked my socks off and I really need to read it again (and again and again!) because there is so much good stuff in there that you honestly can’t take it all in at first read.

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In the midst of reading this book I realized that one thing I kept holding out there at bay was my deep desire to take my love of teaching into action. I’ve said to people for years that I want to teach sewing classes. Last year I started a business plan for an actual storefront and when the reality of having a brick and mortar store hit us, I dropped the whole thing as a fantasy.

Fast forward to this year and I knew that I had to figure out how to make this dream happen. I knew that I had to truly step out in vulnerability and go for it.

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With that, my stomach has been in knots more often than not. I’ve tossed and turned at night. I’ve tried to talk myself out of it. I’ve tried to convince myself of all sorts of crazy lies and I’ve tried to give it up and go back to the “real world” (whatever that is).

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But I’m realizing that when you step out in courage your stomach might just go in knots and that’s not a bad thing. It’s not an omen that this is a stupid idea or a crazy thing to do.
It’s a good thing.

Following dreams, creating, moving ideas into reality is risky. But who wants to live a safe life?

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  1. I’m also slowly getting the courage to start my business as a makeup artist. I am much older than you and it’s scary. I feel just like you, so I’ve been encouraged and will definitely get this book. (I am Drew Miller’s mother)

    1. Thanks for that! It’s a super great book and if you haven’t seen her TED talk…google it and watch. It’s awesome.
      Many blessings on your adventure too! May we both step out boldly!

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