I’m sorry I’ve been so MIA here lately. I’ve been happily swamped with orders and busy with just life and haven’t had the time or space to really put anything good in this place. I’ve long wanted to be able to be one of those bloggers who are consistent with little daily or monthly themes and can’t seem to keep it going. I’m processing through what I want for this space and hoping in the next few weeks to fine tune it a little.

In the meantime I’ve been reflecting a little bit on my story. I started this blog around the time I had my daughter, so more than 6 years ago. It was a place to journal and share sewing projects. My etsy shop gradually grew out of this space and lately it’s become more of a place to showcase new items I’ve been working on. I long for the simplicity that I had with it in the beginning, but I’m beyond grateful for where I am now and the support of so many that have gotten me there.

If you don’t know it, I have an about page on etsy and also there is a tab on the blog too where you can read a little about my journey, but I thought it might be fun to do a couple of posts to really document it; a way of counting gifts.

I started out blogging on blogger and quickly moved over to wordpress. I spent more time journaling in those early days more than anything. This was my very first post announcing the new blog and it’s been crazy funny to read back over those early posts.


This beauty was my first entry into an embroidery contest! I’m pretty sure I didn’t win and man have I come a long way with taking photographs!


And this was one of my first sewing projects for my cousin’s little girl: it was a clothespin doll apron. Truly that is sort of a lie…this was one of my first tutorial-ish from the web sort of things sewing projects.


Up until this point I had pretty much just sewn straight from patterns. I had never taken an idea from something and tried to make it my own. It has probably been one of the projects in the back of my mind that I would love to try again.


And here’s my watermelon girl. When I think of the beginning of my embroidery journey, this is what I think of. It is probably my more favorite thing I have ever stitched. It was one of my first items on etsy so many years ago.

I leave you with a few more pictures from the early years…

my first garment from Japanese fabrics which led to a fascination that still continues…


still one of my top searched for posts…my first fairy wand and first garment made exclusively from an online tutorial


my first introduction into Heather Ross. If I knew when I bought this fabric how popular and hard to find it would be I would have bought yards and yards. This bag lasted my hubs many good years but sadly it got trashed recently because it fell apart.


My sweet grandmother. This woman is my idol when I think of the seamstress and creator I long to be. I really should just do a whole post with pictures of the things she made for me while I was growing up.


Clearly I have come a long way in the photos I will include on my posts…seriously what was I thinking!?


And although I’m not fond of sharing photos of myself, I thought I would share this one. (but check out those hideous walls in the background. Yellow sponge paint! Thankfully we have new beautiful blue walls now!)


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