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Five Minute Friday

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One word
Today’s word is “after”


I spend my life living too much with the word before and after.
Before is a place of memory. Sometimes beautiful and sometimes regretful.
The birth of each of my babies.
The frustration in my voice as the last words my baby hears before he walks into school.
Beauty and regret.

After is a place of the unknown.
Yet it is a place where I think I can grasp control.
Where I can change what might happen.
After is a place of fear and worry.
What ifs…

It’s the here and now; the present that is hardest to live.
To engage with the now.
To engage with the minutes before me.
How easy it is the sit with the before and try and control the after!
And it is the present where I can move and live and make choices.
It is engaging with what is in front of me that I can change the after.

But in the after there is also forgiveness and grace.
There is resurrection in the after.

There is Jesus.


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  1. Don’t we all think we have at least some control on that after part ? We do not have any control because He has already set the after in place. Thanks for sharing you words to remind me to focus on now.

  2. I agree – the present is soo hard to embrace…its a lesson to learn how to do so…I’m still learning…..
    Thanks for the great post. I really like your writing style.

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