fmf {remember}

Five Minute Friday

Joining with many others in a practice I’ve sort of given up on. Today I write again for five minutes on a word prompted by the gypsy mama. Writing with grace, freedom and no edits.


Funny that the day that I decided to join in on FMF the word is remember. I’ve been reading Hinds Feet on High Places and it seems that is the theme of the book.


When the path seems to take you away from where you were headed…
When the way is unseen and shrouded in mist…
When it’s too much; the voices of the enemy whispering, the constant giving and going…
When the way is filled with sunshine and flowers and amazing beauty…

Remember where you have come from, what you have come through and who leads you by it.
Engage with life and cement that in your head.
Stop and be with those around you and be in.that.moment.
Forget the camera, forget the status updates, forget the potential blog post and just be there.
For the pictures are great, sharing with friends is so much fun and “giving” a taste to the world can be such a blessing too…but it’s that moment; the right here and the right now that really can stick in your mind. When you engage with the here and now, you don’t have to depend on the photo or the blog to help you remember. Because it’s there, because you were there.


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