Easter WIP

Finally got to do some Easter sewing today. I really wasn’t sure if an Easter dress was even going to happen for the chick this year, but thankfully I think it will.

O + S Ice Cream Dress WIP: Easter 2013

The pattern is one I’ve sewn a few times and still love. I think it comes together really well and is pretty forgiving with the snafus that I tend to always make. It’s the Ice Cream Dress from Oliver + S and I do love it. The daisy fabric is a Japanese print that I totally splurged on last year on my venture to Nashville’s Textile Fabrics. It’s like $30-some dollars a yard at regular price. Terribly scary to cut into. But my…what a lovely garment it sews. I’ve got enough left to do something small with. I’m thinking a little spaghetti strap tank for the chick might be in order.

Easter dress embroidery...WIP

I decided to do just a white quilting cotton on the top so that I can add some embroidery and vintage buttons to it. The bottom is this yellow polka dot I had in my stash. It’s not the best feeling fabric and I’m a bit worried it has some polyester in it. I thought the stiffness would wash out, but it didn’t 🙁 That said, I do think it adds some fun to the whole dress.

I did skimp on a few things this time around with the pattern. I decided to skip the pockets. I thought it would just detract from the awesome daisy print and I didn’t do the V-neck in the yoke because I wanted to make sure I had plenty of fabric to work with on the embroidery. Skipping on those things cut out some time in sewing and this dress comes together pretty quickly and easily.

Can’t wait to get started on the embroidery and show off the finished garment…hopefully before Easter!

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