Frames. I long for my life to fit into these nice neat frames. But more often than not, my life is like this window. Half painted, covered in grime waiting to become what it should be.


I want my life to fit into these little squares. But more often than not my life overflows out of these little boxes. Not enough space to write all the things that I think need to be done or have to be done. And that is the issue. I have a choice each day to say “yes” and to say “no.” My “no’s” allow me to say “yes” to other things and my “yes'” open myself up to so much.


This is what my life should be framed by. My family. My husband and my children. That I would let my boxes and frames overflow with grace and love for them and for those that come into contact with our family. That I wouldn’t live life rushing through it thinking that it’s all over if I don’t cross off all those words in those little boxes.


These frames…they are a beautiful picture. A puzzle coming to life day by day. Piece by piece. Sometimes the piece doesn’t fit and I have to go searching for the next piece. But in the end, something amazing is going to come out.

Bit by bit.

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  1. YESS!!!! Couldn’t agree more. Living intently is a journey. Boxes and frames are nice scaffolding aids. I, too, am guilty of fitting in “too much” making a space too tight. I am working right along side you. Trust me!

    .mac 🙂

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