One of the things that keeps me from writing my daily list of blessings is just the mere fact of stopping. If I were to do what so many others are doing consistently, my day would have to slow down. I would have to stop and look and write. But isn’t that what it’s all about?

This dare to write 1000 gifts is a dare to stare life head on. It’s a dare to not just say in my head, thank you Lord for that grocery bill that exactly matches the dollars in my wallet, but to stop and document it. So for the days that I scream to heaven that I’m a failure I can remember.

It’s a record of God’s promises to us.
It’s a record of the ways that God defeats the giants in our lives…and the mice too.
It’s a way of forcing me to engage with my life and all of those in it.

I praise God for the way that He is changing my heart.
I pray to be filled with the courage daily to move forward in that.

a budget that is met perfectly…only by the grace and giving of God
the reminder that He calls me and equips me for everything in my life
the friendly hello of the checkout lady
finishing a good book, so good I need to go back and reread it
Downton Abbey and a sweet husband
curled up in flannel sheets
sweet faces that the boy makes while he slumbers
painting over the old and making it new
rain that falls on our roof
a community of worship
the anticipation of a study that is taking me already to unknown places

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