2013 goals: post 1

I’ve got another 2013 goals oriented post up my sleeve in the coming week, but today I was hit with a couple of quotes that really summed up for me where I am at as I enter into this new year.

give thanks embroidery

Last year was an amazing, eye opening kind of year for me. Etsy and embroidery in general had always been just a hobby for me. Sometimes I earned a little extra money sewing on the side for others, but for the most part it was just for fun. I always had a yearning to make more of it, but really didn’t believe I could.

Then came last February. I came up with the idea for the felt capes sets and things just blossomed from there. I’ve grown from a shop that just had  a little bit of embroidery to one that sells all sorts of things “from embroidery to felt.” It was a steep learning curve and I feel like I’m still deeply in that curve as I walk into this year.

max and wild thing

I’ve struggled some as I’ve had these past few weeks off with whether daisyeyes was something I really even wanted to continue. I’ve thought about giving up more than once on it and most of the time it’s because I was listening to those voices telling me that I’m never really going to make it, I’m just “playing” at having a business, it’s never going to amount to anything etc etc.

Then today I got on facebook (of all places!) and first read a quote from a girl in my town that has her own small handmade business. She was thanking everyone for the last 3 years and remarked on how she never knew she could paint. Then she started to paint and now considers it a gift. I feel the same way about embroidery. I struggle with what I’m making is even really art or really even creative. She reminded me that it’s not how I see it but how others see it. I’m doing what I do because others love it and want it. I’m doing what I do because I love to make something just right for someone. And I am an artist in my own way. I’m not this amazing photographer or graphic designer or painter. But what I can do, this gift I have been given, is just that: a gift that I long to share with others.

2012 DIY felt cape sets

After I read that post I saw a quote that Simple Mom posted on facebook today and it really sums up where I am right now. It is a quote from Emily Freeman:

“Creativity actually births courage. It comes after, not before. If you wait until you feel ready, you could be stuck in your small story for a very long time. Dare to see the art in everything, take small risks with great faith. You may find the fear fade a bit, and courage just might rise up within you like two great walls of water on either side, high enough for you to get lost in a good way in the bigness of it all.”


And honestly I think that’s me.
I know that walking into this year I can make this happen.
Better yet, God is who is making this happen.
And it’s only with that knowledge can I walk headfirst into 2013 ready and waiting for the amazing things He is going to do this year with daisyeyes.

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  1. Since you mentioned several times feeling discouraged, I just wanted to add a couple of words of (hopefully) encouragement. You are loved by a God who *created* all things, who sent his son to *restore* our relationships with him, who daily *renews* our hearts, and who will one day make all things new. Made in his image, you are *creating* works of beauty with your hands, you are *restoring* to use vintage patterns that others might have cast aside, and the things you make are used by others to *renew* their homes with your wonderful creations. Be encouraged, because the rest of us can see you rolling back the darkness and letting your light shine with the gifts he has given you!

    1. thanks for your amazing and encouraging words
      the battle to stay focused, to believe, to step forward out of fear into His plan is ever constant
      yet I am so thankful for the rolling away of the darkness

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