2013 starts with stitching

Happy New Year!

What a great holiday we’ve had here in our household. We’ve visited with friends, had great relaxing times at home and are on the tail end of our vacation before school ramps up again.

Never one to have an empty hoop I thought I would share some of the projects I’m working on in the coming month.

I’ve pinned so many quotes and inspiring illustrations over the past year and one of my goals for 2013 was to actually start taking some of those and get them designed and stitched! One of them was this quote I saw, looked up for more information on it and then got it all designed and worked out.

Jan: stars embroidery

I’m super excited to get started stitching on this one. The plan is to stitch the words in white floss, sew down the buttons and then add some more stitched stars in and amongst the buttons.


I’ve got one embroidery order on the table to start this year: a couched family plaque for my cousin. She picked out this fun variegated yarn and I’m excited to get started on another one of these fun embroideries.

Jan WIP: couching family plaque


And the biggest project is an embroidery contest I’m entering in. I’ve known this contest was coming for a few months and declared that no matter what I was going to enter it.

Jan WIP: embroidery with vintage pattern contest entry

The first rule is that you must choose a vintage embroidery pattern. I found this pattern in one of my flickr groups and just knew it was the one.

Jan WIP: embroidery with vintage patterns contest entry

There were three different categories to choose from and I chose this one:

New Year, New/Old Mixed Media with Stitches – This category is specifically for combining “media” with any vintage embroidery pattern of your choice. Entries in this category should have a significant amount of mixed media incorporated into their embroidery. Examples of “media” to add to your embroidery include sequins, buttons, home improvement hardware, fabric, decorative papers, random and surprising found objects, etc…. You may use any vintage embroidery pattern of your choice.

If you want to see my plan so far as to what mixed media I am using you can go to the photo on my flickr page and click on the boxes that are highlighted.

I can’t wait to show you all the finished projects in the coming weeks.

Welcome 2013!!!

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