crossing things off…

Slowly crossing off the incredible list of sewing and other projects I hope to accomplish while we are all on holiday break.

First off was my last Christmas gift to make: a drawstring bag for the boy. I bought this camo nylon a long time ago with intentions of making him a bag for Easter, then his birthday and finally I got it done for Christmas. After searching high and low for a good tutorial for making a drawstring bag I settled on this one by Kitschy Coo.


Overall I would say her tutorial is excellent. She has great photos and great written instructions. I used the camo nylon on the outside and this great cotton canoe themed fabric for the inside.

drawstring bag

The only thing I felt lacking was how to do the drawstrings. I feel like there is another, maybe better? way to thread these through but maybe not. I had hoped to use some actually black drawstrings but the set I bought wasn’t long enough. I had this extra pack of shoelaces stashed away so I just grabbed those to use. They really aren’t quite long enough, but I think they will do for now.

The last project was to finish this dang chair! We actually have 3 of these chairs: one we are using now, one we need to buy foam for and one other rocker that needs to be repaired. We got the whole lot, plus a two seat loveseat for $60 on craiglist. We absolutely love these chairs, but the cushion covering process has been slow and painful. I am truly not gifted in sewing cushion covers. I finished the bottom cushion a while back and finally got to back cushion done today and! I love it so much!


The fabric is by Flea Market Fancy by Denyse Schmidt. It is a heavyweight cotton and it’s lovely to sew. I stalked it for a long time and finally bought it years ago for the kitchen in our old house. We moved and it didn’t really seem to fit in my kitchen right now so I decided to put it in the family room.

We have another chair that we will bring up after I can get some foam for it and I have enough yardage of another print from this same line by DS that I will use for the cushions. My hope is to use the remnants of what I have left to recover some pillows and eventually the ottomans too. Maybe by next Christmas!

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