31 days of embroidery {stem stitch}

I am starting with the stem stitch because that is the first stitch I learned how to do. I come from a long line of embroidering women and this is to them what the back stitch is to me.

The first thing I ever stitched was this watermelon girl onto a burp cloth (aka cloth diaper). My daughter was a new baby and I was desperate for some kind of outlet in my life besides reading. I had these embroidery transfers sitting around the house, a bunch of plain diapers and some floss and so I decided to just try it out. I had no idea at that point that it would turn into what it is today, but burp cloths turned into stitching on onesies and now I have a full fledged shop. And this is how it all started.


These days I pretty much use a stem stitch when I am doing curly writing or other things that have a curve to them. It’s a great stitch for hiding mistakes!

**One caveat for my embroidery this month…everyone has their own style of stitching and while I’m offering the way I do a stitch, please note that there are other ways of stitching it too.**


Here is a link to a site with photo directions.

And here’s my funny video (first time ever) thanks to my 9 year old videographer. Sorry for the wobbliness. Here’s hoping we get better as the month goes on!

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  1. You know, I tried this stitch before and hated it…but now I see that it’s because I was doing it wrong! LOL. I’m going to have to try again, the right way. Nice job on the video.

  2. This is the stitch I use the most though I do make it a little differently than you. I learned from my grandmother and started doing it again when I was pregnant with my first as well! Excited to follow along!

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