to be or not to be…

I wrote a week or so ago about my desire and dream to open a fabric/studio shop.
I thought I would give a tiny update.

I went to a small business workshop last week and it was crazy helpful for this hopeful venture along with my current etsy shop. The good news was that I have found a wonderful business counselor to work with. The bad news is that we discovered what we (my husband and I) were worried about…finances. We had done some research and were hoping that in order to secure a loan we wouldn’t have to put up our house as collateral. But with the way the economy is right now, a bank pretty much won’t give a loan without real estate as the security. That said, we aren’t sure we are willing to take that risk.

So what now? We continue to pray that if God truly does want this venture to go forth, He will provide the means and the way. I will continue to hammer out a business plan. But my focus will shift to building up my etsy shop right now. It has been an amazing year for me with this little business and it’s time to add a lot of structure and organization to it. I’m hoping to add a local retail vendor and branch out into a few other ideas I’ve had brewing early next year.

Thanks to all my friends (new and old) who have help support this little dream just in the dreaming. I haven’t given up, I just feel like now I have a specific direction for my prayers.

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  1. He has given you growth this year. Count it. The storefront might not be just what He has in his immediate mind, but a store, and a business sharing your talents with the world….he has blessed you! Keep dreaming and praying!

    .mac 🙂

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