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If you subscribe to this blog via a reader (thank you by the way), head on over to the actual site and check out my new facebook and pinterest buttons over there on the right side. I designed and embroidered these and I’m super proud of myself. Any time an idea that forms in my head and comes out perfectly I could jump up and down.

Another new item on the blog is the list page. I’m hoping to keep a manageable run of lists of ideas or things that I’m hoping to do. Check it out and see what I’m working on and if I’ve actually finished anything on the list!


And finally, October is 31 days of…month. Last year I got a little too ambitious and posted a new project every day that I had seen around Pinterest or the web. This year, much simpler. My goal is to share a new embroidery stitch every day, either through photographs or a short video and in the end create a cool sampler of 31 embroidery stitches.

So head on to the store, grab a few needles and some floss and stitch along with me!

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