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Word today is {focus}


Focus is a scary thing.
When you focus on something, you engage with it.
When you engage with something…a thought, an idea, a person
you give something of yourself.
You cannot focus on something without revealing or giving.

I don’t focus well.
I tend to focus too intently or not enough.
I flit from one activity, one thought to another or I am so engaged with something or someone that I become angry when disruptions happen.
Where is that happy medium?
The place where we can find freedom to just simply engage?

I suppose it is found in Mary.
Sitting quietly at the feet of Jesus.
Giving her all, the best of what she owned, and offering it up to Him.
All was craziness around her, but there she sought to focus.

And in that focus on Him, it took her to that happy medium.
That place where everything comes into perfect focus.
Because it was through the lens of our Great Father.


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  1. Such a great example of Mary demonstrating focus–we see that in her life from the second she found out she was pregnant to Jesus’ final moments, but I’d never thought of it that way before. Thanks for sharing.

    And I’m with you–I don’t focus well, either!

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