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I’ve done a fair amount of pattern trying out the last couple of years and I’m telling you that nobody holds a candle to Liesl Gibson of Oliver and S. I’m pretty much to the point in my sewing life that if I’m going to “splurge” on a boutique pattern it’s going to one of hers. The directions are amazing, but even more I feel like I’ve become such a better seamstress because of how she writes and designs a garment.

On that note, when I saw a pattern for a skort, I was sold. My chick pretty much demands to wear skirts and we pretty much demand she has on shorts of some sort under then. A skirt with built in shorts is a peacemaker in this house!

badminton skirt o s/matching applique tee

Version one is Aneela Hoey’s Little Apple’s fabric that I got on my recent treck to Nashville.


o+s badminton skort / matching applique tee

Version two is Aneela Hoey’s A Walk in the Woods line. Again, something I splurged on in Nashville.


o s badminton skirto+s skort

Honestly, this pattern came together rather easily. It has 2 scissors for difficulty, but if you have been sewing for even for just a little while this would be a great pattern to try and stretch yourself with.


it's a skort! (o s badminton skort)there's shorts under there!

The most exciting part of this pattern for me was flipping the whole thing back over and seeing the shorts all perfectly in place. A huge sigh of relief and pat on the back and it made my Saturday for sure.


aneela hoey: little apples applique teeapplique tee close up

The pattern comes with an adorable top to make, but I opted to go the cheater route and just applique some fabric scraps onto some tees we had hanging around.

Overall, I’m beyond excited and love this pattern. I see many more of these in our future!

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