fmf {path}

On Fridays I join with others,
writing for 5 minutes
on 1 word
given to us by 1 fellow writer.
Today’s word is: PATH
Join us!



When I think of the word path, I envision in my head this long, straight path in front of me going off into the horizon. I can see the way it goes pretty far out and it keeps rather straight with just a few minor kinks in it. I think of driving through coastal Georgia or South Carolina and the beautiful moss covered trees draping over the path. Providiing just enough shade to be beautiful.

But when I think of God and path, I don’t think of that. I think of winding ways, steep climbs and rough roads. But if I were honest, it’s all a matter of my perspective. The Lord could be leading me over or down a hard path; a new path. And I can focus my eyes on the rocks, the barrenness that might be around me or the hill that might be coming up ahead. But then I might miss the glory around me. Those moss covered trees could be right over my head,
but if my eyes are always down on the road
with frustration
or fear
or anxiety
I’ll never see them.


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  1. It has also been my experience that the road of walking with God is winding and unexpected. I think I am someone who looks at the floor a lot and needs to look up a bit more! Thanks for this reminder. (also visiting from Gypsy Mama).

  2. I agree – we need to experience life in the moment and not continuously look ahead to the future. If we do so then we will not miss out on the blessings God has placed right before us.

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