another take on the yarn wreath

I tried my hand at a yarn wreath way back in October and I loved the results. That time around I used a foam wreath form from the craft store which cost me around $4 and honestly took forever…weaving the yarn over and under.

This time I got smart (I know I stole this idea from somewhere) and spent a whopping $0.50 on some tube wrapping stuff from Home Depot. It was quicker this go around because I didn’t round it up until I got pretty much towards the end.

The supplies. I opted for a gray/black yarn because I wanted a wreath I could keep up for most of the year instead of a seasonal one that I had to change all the time. Our roof is a charcoal gray metal one and eventually we will have gray trim around all our windows too. Our front porch step is also going to be painted either black or a dark gray so I wanted to bring all that together.
yarn wreath #2 WIP

(I actually only ended up using one of those variegated yarns. Not sure what made me think it would take two.)


Here is how it looked when I got to the point of taping the ends together.
yarn wreath #2 WIP


And here is the end result! Pardon our horrible, horrible red front door. We are on the hunt for a salvaged one, but haven’t found the right one yet (aka, one for less than $500) so this is how it looks where it’s going to be for a while. And yes, it really is that red.

yarn wreath complete


I looked high and low for some wooden numbers using this wreath as my inspiration:


but couldn’t find any anywhere. I opted to print out some templates from the computer and use some felt for the numbers. I stitched two layers together and eventually they will match the color of our house if it ever gets painted.


Here’s a better picture without that horrible red door glaring you in the face
yarn wreath complete

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