introducing the flower fairy

flower fairy ensemble

This ensemble is truly a long time coming. I started with the crowns a while back and I’ve had the wand and skirt playing around in my mind ever since. I just haven’t had the time to actually work them all out! This week I was bound and determined to get the idea out of my head and into reality.

flower fairy skirt

Once upon a time I made a tulle skirt for my daughter. It was a nightmare and honestly I think it’s been thrown away. It became so easily tangled, knotted and honestly she had a love-hate relationship with the itchy factor. Seeing all these felt strips stacking up in my basement studio, I realized I could recreate the idea of the tulle skirt with strips of felt. A non-itchy, twirly and washable I might add, skirt. I added some little flowers to the strips for that extra special touch. There is in a hidden pocket in the waistband for all your secret fairy treasures.

flower fairy crown & wand

The wand is a softer version of the wands that I’ve made in the past. This is stuffed with a little bit of fiberfill to give it that ooompf, with some fun french knots embroidered in the middle. Add a big pink bow and ribbon strands and you have some instant fairy fun!

flower fairy crown

And then there are the crowns. But you can read all about those here!

The whole ensemble will be available on etsy in the coming week.

flower fairy crown, skirt & wand

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