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Today’s word is {gift}


This week has been a gift. Nothing remarkable has happened, except that it’s just been a peaceful week.
But not in a “nothing to do but sit around and sip a cup of tea with a good book kind of week.”
This week has been overrun with a to-do list and an idea list that is running 12 feet long.
Things to do at home, crumbs all over the floor I just swept, bathrooms that are filthy, even though I just cleaned them. Business orders that keep coming in and covering me over and thunder in the middle of the night.

But all these things have been a gift. A gift because I’ve just taken them, let them wash over me and kept on going. I’ve stopped when I needed to stop. I’ve been filled with grace when I needed grace. And I’ve been mesmerized by the goodness of the God I serve.

And that’s the difference. I’ve spent this week emptying myself. My cup has overflowed with grace and peace because it’s been dumped of fear and anxiety. My sins have come to the surface like the junk that comes up when you cook chicken broth (yuck!) and He has gently skimmed that off and what’s been revealed has been amazing.

It’s been a gift.


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  1. Hi neighbor…this is beautiful…I love how you described your busy week filled with gifts and graces. Blessings to you~

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