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Covered in Stitches Entry: SNEAK PEEK

I’m a sucker for routine and I’m figuring out that I’m a better blogger when I have an obligation to blog. Hence all these new little weekly series. My hope is that I can invest in a little linky subscription and turn thursday threads into a linking party for embroidery and hand sewing. Let me know if this is something you would love to participate in and hopefully it will happen soon!

So, what is thursday threads? Basically my goal is to have a place to weekly hold me accountable to finish and show an embroidery. What I hope to do is show a completed embroidery one week and the pattern I hope to finish by the next week. I long for this to be a place where I can introduce and show off embroidery patterns I’ve discovered around the web.

Since this is the first week, I’m sort of cheating and just showing off an embroidery that I finally finished. I feel like this one has been on my hoop for ten years. I just couldn’t get into it and let it slide.

love you embroidery

I’ve been wanting to play around with adding some three dimensional elements to finish off my embroideries and I really felt like this would be a great opportunity. This embroidery was just screaming for something.

love you embroidery w/felt flowers

Look for it when the shop opens back up!

And here is what’s on my hoop for the next week…
I’m restitching a version of this girl for a dear friend.


What goodies are on your hoop?

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