little house pouch

Finally a little sewing done! At least I can say I finished one item in my Monday basket!

little house pouch (modified from the long thread tutorial)

I’ve made these Little House Pouches last year and decided to try my hand at the tutorial again. I don’t remember having this many snafus with this tutorial when I made them before, but it could be because I messed with the dimensions some.

I made one of these to fit a Kindle Fire and the other one I made longer to fit a small notebook and pencils inside. I added the straps and this time opted to just stitch them on the outside. The first time I made these I made a buttonhole and them knotted them inside…honestly I think I like that option better. I had a big issue with the roofs lining up correctly and if I made these again I think I would lengthen the roof so that it might lie down better. The tutorial mentions you could easily add velcro to keep it closed, but I like the idea of just lifting up the flap. Overall this is a great pattern and tutorial and one I’ll keep stashed away for birthday gifts!

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