I could have never sought my happiness in thy love, unless thou had’st first loved me.
how I praise you Lord Jesus that you did find me and you daily find me even when I hide from you!

It is by thy Spirit I call thee Father
may I never forget, dear Jesus, that it is only by your Spirit within me that I am even able to call you Abba.

Strengthen me inwardly for every purpose of my Christian life;
may every move I make be purposeful and to glorify you. And when I don’t move in a way that is pleasing to you, may You protect me from the Accuser who whispers that I am a failure. I am beauty in Your eyes because of Your Son. May that be rooted in my heart.

Let the Spirit continually reveal to me my interest in Christ, and open to me the riches of they love in Him…by the Spirit may I daily live to thee…and become rooted and grounded in it as a house on a rock.
As the world spins by an dangles such beauties in front of me, may I seek only Your face. May my heart be soft, yet sure of how I am and what You give me.

I know but little…keep me pressing forward for clearer discoveries of it.
press into me Lord and keep me pressing on with my clear goal in sight. The goal not to please others, but to please you. The goal to seek your Will, even when it is hard. The goal to know You.

Magnify they love to me according to its greatness…and whatever increase thou givest, let it draw out greater love to thee.
may every move of my life bring nothing but praise out of me. Whether you move me into the desert or into the drenching rain of Your Spirit, may I praise You.


(italics are from A Convert’s First Prayer #53 in Valley of Vision)

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