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On Fridays I join with others around the globe, writing for five minutes on a word given to us by the gypsy mama. We write without editing, without worry, without concern about who might read this or what they might think.

This weeks word is TRUST


Trust. Wow. This was the week that Beth Moore said the words “declare war” in my Bible study and I knew what I needed in my life to “declare war” on. My issues of fear (which equals lack of trust). The Lord has done great and amazing things in my life when it comes to fear and trusting Him, but this is the year that I am no longer going to be ruled by this. I am declaring war on this and daily giving it up to Him. Not in a small way. Not in a way that is a quick prayer (Lord protect me) and not in a way that I only pray for Him to release this hold on me when it’s hold is on me.

But I’m giving it up daily to Him. Daily whether it’s a “struggle” that day or not. Because the truth of the matter is, while I may not be shivering in my boots with fear and my heart may not be rapidly beating because the winds are howling, it is still there. That hold on me is there whether I am shaking or not. And this is the year that I am going to trust.

Trust that He is going to do something amazing, marvelous and do the great work that He has promised.

He can do this. I trust Him fully. What a glorious Lord we serve.


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  1. “Declare war” I like that. I will have to use that to declare war on a few things in my life. There are things I have to give up daily too…you would think I would eventually learn to let it go…completely. Oh, well…I guess it is a process.

    Thank you for sharing. You touched my heart!

    1. I am doing her new study on the book of James. It’s been really great so far. Crazy to have studied a book so many times in my life and yet still be hit with things I never “saw” before…evidence for sure that His word is truly alive.

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