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On Fridays (except for the weeks I forget…sorry about that), I recap some fantastic finds from around the web.

great Fabric: I’m not 100% sure what I would do with this collection by Quilting Treasures, but it sure brings back memories growing up. We had a huge collection of these Little Golden Books and these fabrics are adorable.

to whet your Appetite: Valentine’s Day is next week and I’m making this snack mix to add as a Valentine’s Day surprise to their lunchboxes.

be Natural and Neat (as in organized):  My original white board idea from my 31days isn’t really working out, I wonder if this might work better?

a Tutorial to do: I pulled out another tee yesterday that is really in need of a facelift. This might be a good tutorial to make that transformation happen

on Aimee’s to do list (that’s me by the way): really, the list is too long.  February is almost over though and I still haven’t started on my February Stitch Along via the feeling stitchy blog. I think I finally figured out my design…just have to get started now!

something to Sew: this week I really need to get these ottomans covered (at least one of them)

oh, to Travel: where we are spending our next Friday afternoon learning about salamanders

Inspirational: oh Pinterest…if there is anything I love it is all the wonderful quotes you can find. This one is on my to stitch asap list.

Cute: some days I wish I could just doodle and draw up stuff like this…so cute

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