family room: WIP

One of my home goals for 2012 was to redecorate our family room. Today I started painting and I was a little hesitant with the color choice at first, but once it was on the walls I was in love. I forget how dramatically something as simple as a paint color can totally transform a room.

Here is a peek at the half of the room that isn’t done: your before picture:

family room before

Yellow rag rolled/sponge painted walls. I’ve loved this room for the windows since we first walked into this house, but I’ve hated these yellow walls ever since too. I’m so happy to finally be on our way to making our own stamp on this house!


Here is a sneak peek at how the other half looks now:

family room sneak peek



And a few projects in the works after the painting is finished:

1. To repaint this lamp. We’ve had it since we were first married, can’t seem to let go of it and it finally dawned on me that with a little bit of spray paint it might just work in this room!

lamp before


2. To recover these ottomans. They were a fantastic clearance bargain at Home Goods and while I didn’t love the fabric, I didn’t hate it enough to pass it up. I knew I could easily make a slipcover for them if I decided they weren’t going to work. So the plan is to slipcover them 🙂

ottoman before


3. And last, we found a huge set of this solid maple furniture on craiglist this weekend. It was almost exactly what I was looking for and we got the entire set (a small couch, 2 rocking chairs and 1 chair) for $60!! Granted I have to buy some more foam for cushions, but I do have a good bit of fabric yardage in my stash to cover at least one rocking chair and one chair. This whole set won’t fit in our family room. I’m sure we’ll end up putting the couch down in our basement and the other rocker needs some good TLC so I doubt we’ll find a home for it for a while!

chair 1 before


Here’s a peek at the fabric coming soon! I’m covering the ottomons in the fabric on the far left and the chair cushions will be covered in the blue. The middle one will probably end up going in the kitchen as I’ve only got a yard of it.

fabric for downstairs

I’m so excited seeing this room finally coming together!

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  1. I LOVE the blue!! Great new furniture too – you probably know all about the Foam & Fabric Outlet downtown on Central, but if not, here’s my plug. It’s the cheapest foam around. I can’t wait to see it when it’s all done!

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