pillowcase skirt

Desperate for a little creativity to finally spark in my life lately (I think I’ve had a sewer’s version of writer’s block) I finally hit a home run today…and it took less than 30 minutes and only cost me $1.00!

pillowcase skirt materials

I bought this pair of pillowcases this past weekend at our local Habitat store (along with a $3 pair of awesome jeans and a great $3 sweater, but that’s another story). I didn’t know what I was going to do with these cases, but thought they were pretty and so soft. This morning inspiration hit and I decided to try my hand at a double layered skirt.

pillowcase skirt

I found this tiny ric rac in my stash from a bunch that my mom had given me a while back. You know it’s old when the price tag says 40 cents! I decided to trim out the top with a couple lines of ric rac and decided to leave the bottom layer plain. All I did was lay out the cases to the length of the layers I wanted and then measured from the bottom layer the length of the skirt and cut off the top part of the case. Then I serged the two tops together, made a casing, inserted some elastic and voila!

pillowcase skirt

I love it! And the chick does too (which makes a momma happy!)

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