fmf: awake

I can’t believe it’s Friday already! On Fridays I write here without editing, joining with a host of others, writing about one word given to us by the gypsy mama. Join in!

Today’s word is: awake


When I see the word “awake” I immediately start singing this song. But then I start thinking of how my soul feels awakened. I feel more alive…more awake than I have in years. It comes from doing what your heart desires. God has set within us a desire; there is something in all of us that is stirred when we follow the thing that God has put there. When I went to Captivating last year (hard to believe it was going on a year ago!) Stasi Eldredge asked all of us: “what is it that moves your heart? That is what you need to be pursuing.” I’ve ignored for so many years what God has set in my heart and finally the Lord moved out so much junk in my heart…fear, anxiety, frustration, did I mention fear? and has awakened me to what He has been stirring within me.

It’s letting go of everything and loving. Loving with a passion those in my house, in my parent’s house, in my community etc. It’s moving from the place where I felt comfortable, to the place where He wanted me to be. Were the disciples comfortable when they moved back into the Upper Room after Christ had reappeared and then disappeared? I bet not. But, I know they were awake for sure! Awake to where and what the Holy Spirit was going to move them into. Into prison, into lands with people that weren’t like them and maybe even into death. But they went with joy. Awake to Him.


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