the Christmas rush

I feel like this Christmas has hit me like a brick this year. We’ve been busy with too many things and this week in particular I feel like I opened my eyes on Monday and then blinked and now it’s Friday. There are so many things I wanted to do this December to get us focused on the story of Christmas and all of them have gone by the wayside. Our poor Jesse Tree stands half decorated, the books in the Christmas box have been neglected and I’ve been dying to read the chapters in the Jesus Storybook Bible recounting His coming and we’ve not been able to that either.

But in some ways, that is Christmas. Rushing to find a place for the birth of the Babe. Rushing to Bethlehem to be “on time” for the count. Rushing to make the Stable ok for the birth of a child. Shepherds and Wise Men rushing to meet this Christ Child. And then everyone gets there and sees Him. Our great Rescuer. And the world stops. I know come Sunday we will stop. We will have many hours before the family visiting and running starts again, but during that time we will be able to be together and celebrate. We will stop like the Wise Men, like the Shepherds and see the Light that has come.



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