enter decorations…exit garland

I love decorating for Christmas. I’m not much of a decorator during the year, it’s just not something I end up spending our pennies on, but at Christmas I love it. What’s been interesting the last few years is how my taste in decorating for Christmas has really changed. I’m loving Pinterest and have a whole host of things I would have love to have crafted this year, but will have to wait till next year!

I have a handful of hand-me-down decorations from my mother that I love. Things that I grew up with that have that cool vintage feel (mostly because they are old!)

santa's shoesvintage elf

I have also spent the last few years weeding out a bunch of stupid decorations too (Santa’s sitting on drums, Hallmark snowmen etc) and moving things around. Normally I put our Nativity set up on the piano, but this year I decided to put it in the kitchen so it’s more central in our daily life. It’s been super sweet and funny to see how the animals end up by the end of the day and cute to listen to my little girl “play” with the nativity. The animals all end up talking about who is going to get to see baby Jesus first. On this table we also have our Jesse Tree, which we’ve really been poor at this year. Boo.

nativity + Jesse tree 2011

And of course I love my little glitter village that I made a few years back. I’m still searching for some more of these little cardboard type houses that I found at Hobby Lobby so that I can make some more. So far, no such luck. I think this whole craft cost me around $15 the year I made it. Super simple and frugal.

glitter village 2011

Here is what I’m hoping to move towards as I add to my little village…



We also don’t have a fireplace in our new house, so we’ve taken to hanging our stockings on the stairwell. I like it, but in the end the things that’s driving me batty this Christmas is garland. I am beginning to really dislike fake garland. I’ve used it sparingly this year and I’ve probably got 2 boxes in the basement and I’m so close to giving it to Goodwill. This year I ran the stairwell garland along the bottom. I stole the idea from Pinterest and I’m loving not having it on the bannister rail. Yes, it’s the silly fake stuff that sheds like crazy, but I’m struggling to find an alternative. Any thoughts?

stockings 2011

I also ran the garland along the top bannister rail on the upstairs landing, but we strung some lights through it this year. It does create a sweet glow at night upstairs and I love that. The kid’s also have a tree in the corner with all their silly decorations on it. In the past they have had their own tree in their bedrooms, but this year I opted not to have separate trees and they had fun decorating this one together.

the upstairs landing 2011

I’m thinking about trying my hand at this next year; using fabric scraps wrapped around lights.



Ultimately the biggest difference this year was the outside. Last year our house looked like this:

2010 front door

I was trying to copy a Pottery Barn photo and while I loved it last year…this year not so much. Our house is in disarray anyhow as we have removed all the aluminum siding and it’s in desperate need of a new paint job. I also pulled out my ornament wreath from last year and all the balls had discolored from the heat of the attic (note to self!) Because of that I really felt like less was better when it came to drawing attention to our house with holiday decorations so this year I dissed the garland and went simple. I love it.

our holiday house 2011

There are a million things I want to do differently next year as we plan for decorating, but alas it’s time for a shower and Pinterest is acting up anyhow.  Happy Holiday decorating!

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