counting gifts & a writing break

It hit me like a brick yesterday that it was already December 4th. I had been working for weeks leading up to a sale this weekend and once it was over I was just floored. I’ve decided to take a bit of a leave of absence in the blog world in order to really focus on my family and home this holiday season. While I am planning on continuing to participate in marking points of thanksgiving here on Mondays and also participating in five minute friday, I’m not planning on linking and doing all those other extra steps. I hope that if you’ve found your way here in the last few months that you will hang with me until I resume my normal writing schedule after the New Year. With that I wish you a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

343. a day with an old friend
344. a safe trip by myself to and from…thankful for God’s grace with traffic and safety and ease of navigation
345. an amazing company that my husband works for and the wonderful things they do for others…unspeakable their generosity
346. wrestling with decisions and the knowledge that I can trust in the Lord for His provision and plan
347. the determination of a son at his first wrestling match
348. seeing old friends at church last night
349. anticipation of dear friends getting ready to meet their new little girl for the first time
350. singing “la, la, la’s” as a family last night
351. putting up the christmas tree and unwrapping memory after memory as we open up all the ornaments
352. the freedom of an open day
353. listening to a little girl play in the other room and the conversation she has with her toys
354. all the crazy things my little girl creates (aliens, angry birds, penguin feeders to name a few)
355. taking a break from the schedule that I’ve held myself to and basking in the freedom of that

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