five minute friday: tired

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Today’s word is : TIRED


I just about busted out laughing when I read the word for today’s five minute Friday. Yesterday I found myself about as wiped out as a person could possibly be. I had been running non-stop for the past two days and even in the midst of serious lethargy I still didn’t rest. It wasn’t until the Lord physically caused me to stop through a tiny health-type scare did I sit down and rest for the remainder of the day.

I fully believe that sometimes the Lord gives us things like problems with out health…the flu, a bad cold, etc in order to make us stop. We all just have such a tendency in this life to think that everything we do has such an urgency that we keep moving and going, even when our bodies are screaming at us to STOP! That was me this week. And this weekend is going to be nuts with going, going, going like mad and it’s almost like the Lord was physically causing me to rest up.

It’s the reminder that even Jesus withdrew from all the people and crowds and went to be with his Father. He rested. Even God rested. Why can’t we?


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  1. although I do fully believe God wants us to rest I don’t believe God gives us sickness…there are simply truths that bring sickness like working to hard or not resting or not taking care of yourself. But God wants us whole. God is beckoning your to spend time with him, but he’s not going to give you a health problem so you will do so…that’s like you tripping your child while he’s running so that he’ll fall hurt himself and come snuggle with you…you wouldn’t do that.
    What I am saying friend is that God wants us to rest in HIm always…so even when we are moving and grooving we are still finding our strength in HIm…not ourselves…because like you know our bodies will fail us but God will never….
    blessings to you and may you find more rest this Holiday season.

  2. thanks for the comment kells…I guess that is what happens when you write w/o editing and only within five minutes. i agree with what you wrote and in all honesty i guess i was trying to say that i think we run ourselves ragged and force ourselves to keep going and sometimes that keeping going is what breaks our immune systems or whatever. last night, what happened to me, was the thing that forced me to stop. i couldn’t keep going and i would have kept on going had it not happened. i know that the more i run and the more exhausted i get the more likely it is that i’m going to catch a cold or something and i do often look at that as a reminder that i can’t keep doing that to myself. i wasn’t intending to say that God makes us sick, but this is a fallen world and as much as the Lord wants us whole and free, sickness does happen here. and, like Job, God does allow it to happen to show His provision, power and blessing even in the midst of pain.
    thanks again for visiting and blessings on your holiday season too.

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