love of your life

When pondering where the Lord is meeting me in the ordinary this week, this is the song that kept coming into my head. Granted, we’ve been listening to a lot of The Band Perry in our house (my brother has directed pretty much all their videos, so we have a personal connection), but there is something about this love song that is just hitting my heart.

There is that part in all of us that longs for someone to do the things that Kimberly Perry is singing about. We want to know that someone would walk to the edge of the ocean for us, just because we want to feel the sand run through our hands. We want to know that someone would love us just for us. Many of us have been blessed with husbands, me included, who do love us and stay with us and would do those things for us…hypothetically. What is hard for me is that I’m constantly looking to my husband to do the one thing that He can’t.

Only Jesus can be the one thing.
I am that girl that He loves for all my life.

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