you are not insignificant

If there is a lie that is constantly spoken into my heart, it is that I am insignificant. That nothing I do will be any good, worth anything or make a difference. I think all of us hear this lie to varying degrees. Eve heard it first in the garden. The way to make herself significant wasn’t to continue to rely, trust and rest in God; it was to eat the apple. It was to do something.

In a world where people are losing their jobs left and right, where we are surrounded more and more by friends and acquaintances who are living with very little income (if any), it is an easy time for the Deceiver to come in and whisper the lies that we need to work harder, strive harder and do more and more. That this is the only way we will survive.

There is no place for rest in this.

God intended us to work, but he didn’t intend for our work to be the way people formed their identities or found favor with God.” A.A. Calhoun

When I feel unwanted, when I am rewarded for being someone that I am not, when I feel unworthy or don’t belong (questions borrowed from A.A. Calhoun) where do I turn? Do I sink down into depression? Do I crawl back into my bed? Do I stuff it or fill my life with other things so I don’t feel any of that anymore?

I’ve been brought to a place where I can fill my life with many “yeses” to others. I can fill my list with many tasks. I can fill my head with so much that I cannot make any sort of decision. Or I can simply let it all go and rest in Him. We don’t live in the Garden anymore, but God still gives us a piece of that when we trust wholly in Him.

When I wake up in the morning and declare this day for His glory, even in the midst of feeling like crud. When I scream at my children, but then confess and repent. When I don’t love my husband well.

He has born our sins on His shoulders. He loves us greater than we will ever know.

We are not insignificant.

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