31 days: when creativity goes bust

Day 21: when creativity goes bust

Some days I wish there were a little sewing fairy sitting on my shoulder that would smack me in the head when I agree to take on particular sewing projects. This was one of those, dare I say it, sewing casualties. These are the last of a huge group of sewing projects a friend asked me to take on for her daughter. I went with my friend and held this fabric and just said, “sure!”
like an idiot.

If ever there has been a project that I have wanted to burn in a bonfire and forget, it is this one. Sewing sparkly fabric that stretches, moves, sways and makes my machine make weird noises is not fun. But I stuck with it and finally finished them today (well almost…I’ve got to make an elastic run). Overall I think they turned out good enough for an 8 year girl to enjoy and wear and this was definitely a good experience with: never agree to make things out of shiny, see-through fabric.

Here’s the rundown in case you are interested (just don’t ask me to make you one!)…
The blue on is just made much like my playdate skirts. Just a simple fold and stitch. I opted to make a separate waistband out of cotton for each one. This one will be gathered a bunch once I get the elastic in. The purple on I decided to try an a-line skirt. Basically this one will give a bit higher twirl factor, but not so much on the gathering waistband factor.



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