receive and release

Here is the scene:

Saul has been made King at the demands of the people.
Samuel tells him that he is to to and destroy all of the Amalekites.
All of them and everything they have.
He is to keep and spare nothing.

Saul obeys and receives what the Lord has promised Him: victory.
But he doesn’t release.
He takes what he wants and justifies his partial obedience.
Samuel is beside himself with anger.
The Lord is grieved.

The Lord takes delight only in our full obedience.
When I pray
thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as in heaven” it’s not me praying for only partial obedience.
I can’t pray that God would work with me; as if He is “my accomplice“.
He is not.

“God’s ways are always in danger of being overruled by my will”
~ A.A. Calhoun

I cannot believe that obeying and relinquishing just a little bit is enough.

I must be
willing to receive what He gives,
release what He takes,
and lack what He withholds.”
~ A. A. Calhoun

But Samuel replied,
What pleases the Lord more?
Burnt offerings and sacrifices, or obeying him?
It is better to obey than to offer a sacrifice.
It is better to do what he says than to offer the fat of rams.
23 Refusing to obey him is as sinful as using evil magic.
Being proud is as evil as worshiping statues of gods.
You have refused to do what the Lord told you to do.
So he has refused to have you as king.”
~ I Samuel 15:22-23 (NIRV)

Lord Jesus, take away all presumption, all rebellion from my heart.
Lead me to a place where I daily can receive what you give and release what you take.
Lead me to a place where I can find contentment in the things that I might lack.
Praise you Jesus that You are all I need.
That to obey you is all I need to do.
It’s all I need.

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