31 days: the making of an embroidery

Day 19: embroidery inspiration

If there is one thing that Pinterest has really helped me with, it is in streamlining where I really want to go with my sewing/embroidery business. I’ve been selling small amounts of my hand embroidered daisyeyes goodness for the last 4 years. It’s kind of been an “on the side” sort of thing, but this year has found me at home full time and I’ve really had the last few months to figure out where I want daisyeyes to go…and embroidery is where I think I am headed. I love sewing clothes etc, but it’s not really where I feel my greatest joy and talents lie.

One thing I’ve found via Pinterest, is tons of great quotes and printables that have sparked one million different ideas in my head. I absolutely love designing these “embroidered typographies” as I’ve started calling them. For today’s 31 days of creating I thought I might show you the before and after of one that I found on Pinterest. Who knows, if you stick with me through these 31 days I might just do a give-away 🙂

Here’s the inspiration:



And here is the first step (transferring, picking colors and finding something good to watch or listen too!)

Come back tomorrow to see the finished product and hang with me and you might just win it!



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