31 days: the flashcards are up

Day 15: hanging flashcards

So sorry about the lack of posting yesterday. I actually did finish the cards and even got them hung up, but couldn’t find a spare minute to take some pictures and post them. It was just one of those days.

I ended up taping these to some foam care that I cut to size. I stapled some black ribbon to the back of the foam core and then called it done. They aren’t perfect, but it was a project where I used what I had around the house to make it work.

hanging flashcards

This wall is going to have the stair railing hung on it, so I couldn’t really spread them out like I was first intending.

hanging flashcards

Overall, I’m fairly pleased. I’m glad that I didn’t just hang the cards up without anything sturdy on the back. I do think they would fling around a lot easier as we run up and down the steps. It’s always a pleasure to finish a creative task that you’ve had in your head, using things you had around the house.

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