31 days: stuffed animals…ah!!!

Day 10: organizing the small zoo in my daughter’s room

My daughter’s room is quickly becoming overrun with all sorts of toys and I’m in the process of super-organizing her room, much to her dismay. I’m still working out storage for a bunch of other things, but the first thing I wanted to tackle was all her stuffed animals.

stuffed animal mess

closet mess before

I’ve tried a bunch of different options and honestly every container I tried was just too small and she would have to dump them all out to find the one she had in her heart to find. (see exhibit A and B above) Picking up after herself is not her favorite pastime, so I had to come up with some sort of easy solution.

Enter Pinterest. I found a bunch of different cute options,

Source: lh5.ggpht.com via Anna on Pinterest















This one mostly makes me nuts. If we ever have THAT many stuffed animals, please send me to rehab!















But I opted for the using what I had on had and adapted this idea using elastic and upholstery tacks.



A little bit of elastic later (and no, I didn’t measure. It’s Monday after all!)

stuffed animal storage

And voila!
stuffed animal storage complete!

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Up next tomorrow…who knows! You will have to check back and see. I’ve got all sorts of things on my list to complete!


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  1. What a great idea! It’s a cute “zoo” theme too. Thanks for sharing. That’s exactly what I’m doing to E’s room. We got rid of all the little bins and traded up for larger see-though bins. Our toys aren’t as soft and cuddly as M’s! Also working on making his closet work better for him. I installed a real closet rod today at his height (not those plastic wire closet rods). Enjoy your evening!

  2. Very cute – your a better mother then I am. Our stuff animals are put on the top bunk, top of the closet and then sometimes they go for a really long “vacation” to the attic where they are never seen again.

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